Some Top Dog Tips for Dogs And Their Owners!

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We all have times where we get overwhelmed about what is good, bad, recommended, suggested etc to ensure our beloved dogs are happy healthy and looked after.

I've done my research and found a couple of really helpful "Top Dog" Tips that hopefully you will find useful.

1.  Brushing your dog's teeth! Some people do and some people don't. However, if you do choose to brush your dog's teeth and are finding they are not the most co-operative. Try rubbing some doggy toothpaste on a rope toy a chew toy and then just let your dog chew away!

2. Does your dog, gulp down their food? Putting a clean ball in with their food will also encourage them to eat slower. The American Kennel Club also has some handy tips on helping on this click here


3. Have you ever got ready to take your dog or dogs for a walk and then find yourself rushing round trying to find their leads, poop bags, treats etc? Why not making a dog walking station by the front door? There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest!

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For more tips on making life with your dog both easier, fun and enjoyable check out these links below

Hope you've enjoyed our latest blog! We will see you all soon again.


Vanessa (Owner), Penny the labrador and Quinn the Sprollie

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