Bernie The Basset Hound

basset hound dog

Meet Bernie the basset hound! Like a famous story, Bernie believes he can fly! You see Bernie's best friend is a duck called Syd. Syd and Bernie grew up together when they were both rescued by their human mummy. Since then Bernie wishes more than anything that he could flap his ears and fly like his feathered brother Syd. 

Here is Bernie's favourite top 5 things he likes to do when he is not practising his flying technique!

  • Sniffing out new visitors! Bernie and Syd live on a farm and there are always new visitors that are coming along to say Hi. Bernie loves nothing better than to put his nose to the ground to find new friends to play with.
  • Snuggles a plenty! When Bernie isn't down the farmyard looking for new friends or practising his ear flapping technique he likes to try and squeeze himself into his human's lap for a snuggle. It gets a bit tricky now that he is all grown up.
  • Food glorious food! Bernie loves his food! In his bowl, your plate, the kitchen counter. He knows how to use his sad eyes to get food and lots of it. If there is food around he wants it, he needs it, he just has to have it. 
  • Teaching the kids! Bernie loves to wait by the gate for when the baby humans come home. He gets lots of cuddles. He is confused why a big loud box swallows them up and takes them away every morning but they always come back and they are happy to see him.
  • Digging! Bernie loves to dig, and the other animals love it when he does because there are always yummy things to eat. Bernies human mummy doesn't like it very much especially when he runs in to tell her what he has found and puts mud all over the floor!


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