Jack The Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Dog Face T ShirtMeet Jack our Cocker Spaniel! Jack thinks he is Superdog and is embracing his Clarke Kent chic in this design. Jack is actually a secret agent working for a secret agency so shhh we don't want the puppy to get out the bag!

Here is Jack's favourite top 5 things he likes to do when he is not on a mission!

  • Sleep! Jack loves to sleep if he isn't asleep in his bed, he is asleep on the window sill, the couch, or a lap. There is nothing that a Cocker Spaniel like Jack loves more than to snore the day away.
  • Eat socks! Jack says "He is embarrassed to say that he has an obsession with socks! He just can't help it! If he stumbles on some socks he just can't help but chew a hole in them". He said, "They are surprisingly tasty!" Ok, Jack, we will take your word on that one.
  • Food glorious food! Jack loves his food! In his bowl, your plate, the kitchen counter, or on the sly. If there is food around he wants it, he needs it, he just has to have it. 
  • Getting muddy! Jack loves to pamper himself with a mud bath or two when he gets a chance. If he is out on a training exercise and he sees a good mud puddle he says there is nothing better then to roll around in it. He said, "A Cocker Spaniel like myself has to look good at all times!"
  • Cuddles! Nothing beats a busy day saving dogdom then a cuddle, preferably in my human's bed! I especially like lazy Sundays followed with a bacon sandwich.


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