Mutty Mingle Clothing - Meet The Team

Mutty Mingle Meet The Team

Vanessa Unsworth

Founder and Managing Director, I am a dog lover and have three human babies so my house is filled with animal lovers. So launching a business for dog lovers made total sense to me! 

I am an EVA (Enterprise Vision Awards) nominated businesswomen with qualifications in Business and Economic Law. My background is in business and I do offer to mentor to other startups because I love to see people find success! Outside of work, I love to write and have two of my own blogs, I love the arts and music and spending time with my partner and family.



Twitter: @VanessaUSW @MuttyMingle


 Mutty Mingle Clothing - Meet The Team

Jaye Jones

Jaye Jones is an up and coming designer based in Manchester. Vanessa and Jaye are friends outside of work and when she started to look for a creative artist to work with on her dog designs it made sense to contact Jaye as she had seen some of her drawings already.

Jaye is a qualified piercer and is starting 2018 as a tattoo apprentice so that she can use her creative talent for more than one career path. 

Outside of work, Jaye enjoys spending time with her friends, cooking, drawing and working on new and exciting designs.

Creative Artist


Insta: @Jaye_Art